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our mission

We want to share the hope we have in Jesus with the beachside of Daytona, show God's love by the way we love on another, and help everyone on their journey of faith.  

our pastor

Charlie West

Pastor, Beach House Church

Daytona Beach, FL


Outside of having a relationship with Jesus, Pastor Charlie West would say his greatest joy is pastoring Beach House Church!  He grew up in Atlanta and started a bible study for his high school that reached many unchurched teenagers for Christ.  He realized then that he had a gift for making The Gospel relevant to people who did not have church experience.


After high school, Pastor Charlie graduated from Criswell Bible College in Dallas, Texas with a degree in Biblical Studies.  He is passionate about sharing The Gospel and encouraging believers to follow Christ.  As well as his pastoral duties, he is a singer, songwriter and serves as a worship leader.


Pastor Charlie has many interests.  He is a big fan of Star Wars and enjoys the beach, kayaking, fishing and Australian Shepherds!


He has helped plant numerous churches in the Central Florida area and has a dream of continuing his work in church planting. His goal is that Beach House Church will be a sending church for new church plants to develop musicians and artists and lastly, to share the hope he has in Jesus with the beachside of Daytona!


 “All I want is for the world to experience the same hope and love that I have in Christ.”


                                                                                                                  - Charlie West

our history

coming soon.

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